Shifting Sales Trajectory

Is your sales stuck in the past? The world of sales is evolving at rapid pace, and so should your approach. We provide on-demand, fractional SalesOps services to propel your sales engine into the future. We bring over 20 years of expertise in creating and scaling sales operations for high-tech organizations.

Who we are

Meet the RADICAL Sales Team, a group of seasoned professionals dedicated to supercharging startups and scale-ups with a highly efficient sales engine. With extensive experience in diverse industries, we understand the challenges of scaling a sales operation. Our the RADICALâ„¢ framework, proven in real-world scenarios, forms the foundation of our consultancy practice.

What we do.

We specialize in expert sales operations for growth and success. Our services include go-to-market strategies and tools, process re-engineering for improved conversion rates, tailored training and coaching to boost sales team performance, and assistance with hiring and onboarding to reduce ramp-up time and enhance overall team performance.

Why it matters.

In sales, time is crucial. Shifting  sales trajectory is a crucial task, and speed is paramount. Traditional methods often fall short as existing sales forces are deeply entrenched in ongoing opportunities, making swift iteration and testing of multiple options challenging. RADICAL's approach empowers you to navigate this challenge by facilitating quick, effective changes and experimentation, ensuring you stay agile in a rapidly evolving sales landscape.

What makes us different

In a crowded market of advisors touting their hours or licenses, RADICAL stands out. Recognizing the varied stages of sales organizations, we provide customized support - evaluating, suggesting, implementing, or even fully outsourcing. Choose RADICAL for a level of commitment that competitors, no matter how knowledgeable, may hesitate to pursue. We are more than just consultants; we are your gateway to achieving operational excellence.

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